Enter the 3D Instructions

The first loading of the fair may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection and the performance of your computer.

Compatible browsers: Mozilla Firefox 88, Google Chrome 90, MS Edge 90 or higher.


MOVEMENTS: it is possible to walk inside the fair using the “up arrow” key on the keyboard, while clicking with the mouse on the floor in correspondence of the white rectangle will exploit the fast movement for faster movements. With the keys "arrow left" and "arrow right" we can rotate the view respectively to the left and to the right.

“INFO” BUTTON: positioned at the bottom right, the “INFO” button gives access to the exhibition overview, to the stand search, to the catalogs, plus a series of shortcuts to the thematic areas.

“HELP” BUTTON: positioned below the INFO button, it calls up a reminder with the basic commands for using the fair.

INTERACTION WITH THE STANDS: it will be sufficient to approach a stand to display the relative menu and consult the available material with simple clicks of the mouse.

Inside the menu you find the following items:

  • Chat: you can open a direct chat with the exhibitor;
  • Video: you can watch the company videos;
  • Brochure: documents relating to services and products offered by the exhibitor can be consulted;
  • E-mail: with a contact form you can write to the company and attach any document using the appropriate button;
  • Website: you can visit the exhibitor's website;
  • Overview: is it possible to see a summary of company information.

To close the stand menu, click on the “x” icon at the top right.

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